Weede, Erich

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Weede, Erich
Gender male
Academic title Prof.
(Other) employerNot all of the people we document here at TTNI are employed at the Think Tank: typically members of advisory boards for example wont get paid. The term (Other) employer is therefore a bit misleading. University of Bonn
Member in Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik (German Council on Foreign Affairs), List-Gesellschaft, Mont Pelerin Society
Advisory Board member in Eigentümlich Frei, Hayek-Gesellschaft, Institute for Free Enterprise
Supervisory Board member in Friedrich August von Hayek-Stiftung für eine freie Gesellschaft
Subject of study Sociology
Topics Public Choice, Economy, International Relations

Weede is a scientist in Sociology, Political Science and Psychology. He used to be Professor at the University in Bonn.

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