Smith, Vernon L.

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Smith, Vernon L.
Gender male
Leading employee in Hayek Institute, International Foundation for Research in Experimental Economics, Mercatus Center, Public Choice Society
Staff member in Cato Institute
Member in Mont Pelerin Society
Advisory Board member in Austrian Economics Center, ESEADE, Institute of Economic Affairs

Vernon L. Smith is a member of the advisory board of the Austrian Economics Center. He was awarded the 2002 Nobel laureate in economics.


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CV of Vernon L. Smith, including a list of publications.

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Leading employee in academia

Editor in the Think Tank sphere

  • Cato Institute (1985), Associate editor of the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization
  • Cato Institute (1983), Member of the editorial board of The Cato Journal

Editor in academia

Membership in the academia sphere

Membership in the NGO sphere

Employee in business sphere

Employee in academia sphere