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Götz Kubitschek (born 1970), with Karlheinz Weissmann, set up in 2000 the Institut für Staatspolitik. Since then the think tank has operated as an organisation with hardly any staff – beyond the two founding figures, Kubitschek’s wife Ellen Kositza and one or two administrators there was no permanent staff Kubitschek was an officer in the Bundeswehr whilst writing for the new right hebdomadal newspaper ‘junge freiheit’. Then it was still a marginal publication which would soon become a near-mainstream voice of German national conservatism. At the time, however, Kubitschek lost his position in the military because of writing for the ‘junge freiheit’. He is also founder and director of Antaios publisher and editor of Sezession magazine since 2003. He initiated several new right campaigns such as Konservativ-subversive Aktion and Ein Prozent für unser Land. He is also said to have supported the conceptualisation of the identitarian movement in Germany. In 2015, he spoke at several Pegida manifestations in Saxonz. He is also closely connected to the national wing of the AfD, mainly therefore to its East German leaders such as Andre Poggenburg and Björn Höcke.