Association for the Development of the Romanian Social Forum (AD FSR)

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Association for the Development of the Romanian Social Forum (AD FSR)
founded in the year 2005
City Bucharest
Country Romania
address w/o address
founder Petre Damo
Networks transform!, Think Tank
Last revision 1.05.2015

Its founding members are amongst those who had strived to make the Romanian Social Forum process take off in early 2004. The AD FSR has been the workhorse in the growth of the Romanian Social Forum process and organized the participation of the RSF delegations to the European Social Forum and various seminars and cultural activities there. AD FSR is working together with Trade Unions, NGOs, students and youth organizations and other actors of the civil society in the country or abroad. This in order to unify and strengthen through diversity the Romanian civil society as opposed to any non-democratic, non-European and unjust political systems of government. AD FSR is producing projects of social and political analysis and projects of social, cultural, political, economic and moral education and training. The AD FSR is not affiliated to any political party whatsoever. There is no content under the URL (2015/05/01).

The Association has observer status to the transform! Europe-network. A website of Romanian Social Forum (Forumul Social Român) exists:

Organizational Structure and Funding


w/o address


Executive board

People leading the Think Tank in the day to day business (CEOs, directorates etc.).

  • Petre Damo, representant to the transform! Europe-network


We used the DGs of the EU to generate a basic list of topics. This list is going to be steadily extended. However we try to preserve a persistent list of topics.