Adelphi Research

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Adelphi Research
founded in the year 2001
City Berlin
Country Germany
Legal form gGmbH
address Alt-Moabit 91; 10559 Berlin
founder Mikael P. Henzler, Walter Kahlenborn
number of employees 150
Last revision 22.09.2016

The following coordinate was not recognized: 52.520007;13.404954.The following coordinate was not recognized: 52.520007;13.404954. "adelphi is a leading independent think tank and public policy consultancy on climate, environment and development. Our mission is to improve global governance through research, dialogue and consultation. [Adelphi] offers demand-driven, tailor-made services for sustainable development, helping governments, international organizations, businesses and nonprofits design strategies for addressing global challenges." (Source:

Organizational Structure and Funding


Alt-Moabit 91; 10559 Berlin


Carius, Alexander; Dietrich, Ansgar; Henzler; Mikael P.; Kahlenborn, Walter

Working mode, goals

"Adelphi research is a non-profit and independent institution for applied environmental research and policy analysis. [They] analyse national and international environmental, energy and climate policies and carry out research projects on environmental, development and social issues. Through lectures, publications and educational activities [they] provide a broad audience knowledge in the field of nature, environment and resource protection, and development cooperation. Newsletters on a variety of environmental and development issues, as well as information platforms and exhibitions complement this range of knowledge."

"With [their] practical projects and concrete proposals for action adelphi research makes a significant contribution to promoting environmental and social development, poverty reduction, peace building, as well as economic, political and social participation in developing and emerging economies." (Source:

Together, adelphi consult and adelphi research, consist of 150 employees.


We used the DGs of the EU to generate a basic list of topics. This list is going to be steadily extended. However we try to preserve a persistent list of topics.

  • Energy and environment
  • Energy Policy
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Environment and Sustainable Development
  • Environment/Climate Action
  • social issues
  • Resources