Benegas Lynch, Alberto

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Benegas Lynch, Alberto
Gender male
Academic title Prof.
Year of birth 1940
Leading employee in Mont Pelerin Society
Staff member in Universidad Francisco Marroquin
Advisory Board member in Cato Institute, Center on Global Prosperity of the Independent Institute, Federalismo y Libertad, Fundacion Club de la Libertad, Fundacion Internacional para la Libertad, Fundacion Libertad y Progreso, Fundacion para el Progreso, ISA - Instituto de estudios para una Sociedad Abierta, Institute of Economic Affairs
Subject of study Economics

PhD in Economics and Business Administration from the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA)

Influence fields of Person

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Leading employee in Think Tank

Leading employee in academia

  • (former), Professor who taught in five faculties: Economics, Law, Engineering, Sociology and History of Arts

Consultant in the business sphere

Consultant in the politics sphere

Membership in the academia sphere