Lehnert, Erik

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Lehnert, Erik
Gender male
Academic title Dr
Year of birth 1975
Leading employee in Institut für Staatspolitik
Alma mater Humboldt University
Subject of study Philosophy
Topics Rudolf Bahro

Erik Lehnert studied philosophy and history at Humboldt-Universität Berlin. In 2006 he was awarded a PhD for a thesis on Karl Jaspers. He started at editor at Edition Antaios and as writer for magazine Sezession. Since 2008, he has been director of Instituts für Staatspolitik (IfS). He is the adopted son of Rudolf Bahro - the former Leninist, former Green Party member who aliented the Greens by insisting they should combine the ecoloogical with the national. Lehnert himself says that Bahro was crucial for his new right ideology and sees Bahro as an important thinker for the new right.