Instituto de Pensamiento Estrategico Agora S.A.

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Instituto de Pensamiento Estrategico Agora S.A.
acronym IPEA
Country Mexico
address Virtual Organisation (no headquarter)
Networks Atlas Network, HACER, FIL
Last revision 2.05.2017
Output of Instituto de Pensamiento Estrategico Agora S.A. 2023
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Books, Peer reviewed pubs., Studies, Articles, Policy papers, Op-eds, Newspaper articles, Blogs, Periodicals, Podcasts (audio), Podcasts (video), Conferences, Seminars/workshops, Lecturers/talks, Briefings, Others, </pbars>

Mision: Promover el intercambio de ideas y el diálogo respetuoso entre distintos actores con el objetivo de construir un México verdaderamente libre, solidario y próspero en donde la corrupción sea remplazada por una cultura de integridad, legalidad y equidad.

Organizational Structure and Funding


Virtual Organisation (no headquarter)



People working for the Think Tank (Fellows etc.). This includes also part-time employees.

Advisory board

People advising the Think Tank (mainly in scientific questions)

Supervisory board

People supervising the Think Tank (mainly in economic questions).

Working mode, goals

Vision: Fortalecer las instituciones y generar un México que piense estratégicamente a todos los niveles para lograr un México próspero.


We used the DGs of the EU to generate a basic list of topics. This list is going to be steadily extended. However we try to preserve a persistent list of topics.


There are so called "international friends" mentioned on the website, e. g. Vargas Llosa, Mario.