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founded in the year 2005
City Namur
Country Belgium
address Espace Kegeljan 52 av. de Marlagne 5000 Namur
Networks Green European Foundation, Think Tank, European Network of Political Foundations (ENOP)
Last revision 26.05.2015
Output of Etopia 2023
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Books, Peer reviewed pubs., Studies, Articles, Policy papers, Op-eds, Newspaper articles, Blogs, Periodicals, Podcasts (audio), Podcasts (video), Conferences, Seminars/workshops, Lecturers/talks, Briefings, Others, </pbars>

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Organizational Structure and Funding


Espace Kegeljan 52 av. de Marlagne 5000 Namur


Supervisory board

People supervising the Think Tank (mainly in economic questions).

  • Thérèse Snoy (2005-?), administrative council (Conseil d'Adminstration)
  • Olivier Petit (2005-?), administrative council (Conseil d'Adminstration)
  • Michel Genet (2005-?), administrative council (Conseil d'Adminstration)
  • José Daras (2005-?), administrative council (Conseil d'Adminstration)


We used the DGs of the EU to generate a basic list of topics. This list is going to be steadily extended. However we try to preserve a persistent list of topics.